A few words about us

GETEC is a European company with a deep understanding of the needs of modern business and economics, both in stable, transforming and strongly growing economies.

A perfect sense of the balance between current needs, growth prospects, environmental concerns and availability of capital is GETEC’s strength as a partner at your side.

Dozens of plants and systems and thousands of jobs throughout Europe are excellent proof of our competence. The experience we have gained in cooperation with practically every industry sector can provide you with a solid basis for starting cooperation, increasing efficiency and generating more profit, also through savings.

The benefits of working with GETEC - Seen from the perspective of our customers!

Lower price of electricity and heat

Thanks to the modern, highly efficient infrastructure provided by GETEC, it is possible to produce electricity and heat simultaneously at a lower cost. GETEC cogeneration is also an easy way to produce cooling (trigeneration).

Increasing liquidity

With GETEC contracting, investments and costs for the maintenance or adaptation of an existing installation become redundant. It directly affects the balance sheet structure of your company and realistically increases your company’s liquidity.

Focusing on core business

The freed financial resources are the wind in the sails of development. The funds can be used to develop the company’s core business and gain a competitive advantage.

Superior energy availability every day

Modern systems, tailored to real needs and maintained by a team of professionals, guarantee an uninterrupted energy supply. Whenever you need it!

Ongoing monitoring of costs and efficiency

All system performance parameters can be monitored on an ongoing basis during the entire period of cooperation. GETEC systems are designed in such a way that their parameters can be expanded as your business needs change.

Ecology adds value to your business

Acting in harmony with nature and respecting its resources is a marketing value that is also increasingly appreciated by customers. Turn this into added value for your organisation and reduce your carbon footprint without reducing your production

Scalable systems facilitate your growth

GETEC systems are designed to grow and scale to produce the energy resources you need for your plans. Its availability will become an ally in the development of your business.

A reliable partner - always there when you need it!

A team of professionals ensures that your systems run continuously and deliver energy whenever your needs and activities require it. GETEC contracting and cogeneration is a proven model to generate more profit for you!

We are convinced that these arguments are not everything!
Let’s meet to talk about your project, its needs and opportunities.
We will be happy to share our experiences as we know that this is the basis of a good partnership.