Transforming the energy mix - reducing CO2 emissions

Energy transformation is becoming a key word for the coming years, if not decades.

In the context of the surrounding climate changes, there are practically no more states, cities or municipalities that are unaware of the impact of their energy mix on the both nearby and global environment. Dynamically changing prices of energy, fuels and climate burdens are not conducive to creating long-term plans and perspectives for the costs of obtaining energy.

This leads to social and economic pressure for changes and decisions.

GETEC has every technology available to support innovation and diversification of energy sources, actively supporting all stakeholders in creating a true energy transition. In addition, our experience from numerous projects in various industry segments serves our customers across Europe in realizing their bold energy goals.

Thanks to our extensive financial background and developed financing tools (contracting), we are also able to meet the needs of customers who do not have sufficient financial resources to implement their plans for the creation or modification of existing energy sources.

Even very financially stable contracting partners benefit from contracting, as they appreciate the advantages, such as the potential for capital release.