For many of our customers, one key argument is enough to decide to work together. For us, however, this is not enough. We know that we have had to consider a wide range of needs when preparing our offer. Being a technology leader may not be enough when you also have to deal with procedural, accounting and financial issues. We have prepared a simple and convincing answer for practically everyone involved.

Saving on energy costs

With GETEC on your side, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. This improves your company’s financial performance while providing you with the flexibility to invest. With low energy costs, you can also make a significant contribution to securing your location and increasing your sales profitability.

Thanks to the modern, highly efficient infrastructure provided by GETEC, it is possible to generate electricity and heat simultaneously at lower costs. GETEC cogeneration is also an easy way to produce cooling (trigeneration).

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Increase the value of your company by improving your sustainability profile – also for the environment

The energy revolution and the associated climate protection goal can only succeed with innovative solutions. This is our conviction – in everything we do.

Our employees keep abreast of the latest legal regulations and use state-of-the-art technologies that ensure a high degree of sustainability in energy supply and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, they provide an optimal basis for our own sustainability reports.

Balance sheet relief

Our energy solutions protect not only the environment, but also the balance sheet and liquidity of our customers.
Off-balance-sheet financing of energy supplies increases the liquidity of a company. With tailor-made financing solutions you can significantly relieve the burden on your balance sheet, avoiding high investments. This means more financial freedom and greater flexibility in the implementation of current plans and investment projects in the core business.

Securing of supplies

Security of energy supply does not happen by chance

With literally thousands of plants and the experience we have gained from this, we can guarantee our customers that the systems we supervise are always available and ready to generate energy when they need it. Through cost transparency, flexible contract design and cost control, our concepts also offer maximum economic security.

Complete system solutions

Improving energy efficiency increases competitiveness and GETEC’s comprehensive solutions contribute significantly to this.

Our business model is based on energy efficiency. Thanks to GETEC’s comprehensive expertise in innovation and process engineering, the hidden efficiency potentials of a customer’s plant or property are exploited. This leads to significant savings. We analyse processes in a comprehensive approach to the entire value creation chain and optimise them down to complete system solutions.