Through our office in Warsaw we reach out to clients from all over Poland.

GETEC has a successful track record in cooperation with many European cities and companies, delivering the demanded energy economically and with respect for the environment.

Offering modern and proven solutions for energy generation and management, we are also intensively expanding our activities in Poland.

The new business models proposed by GETEC are in line with a closed loop economy and contribute to sustainable development.

With unique technological expertise supported by regulatory knowledge, GETEC minimises the customer’s commercial risks and assumes operational responsibility.

We offer precisely tailored solutions for:

  • Generation and distribution of any type of energy
  • Customised solutions in the areas of design, construction, financing, energy management
  • Increasing energy efficiency

Working with GETEC opens up many opportunities for companies and cities.

Selected references in Poland

First GETEC contracting project in Poland

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  • 30-year heat supply contract
  • Total annual demand estimated at 330,000 GJ per year
  • Heat supply for 28,000 inhabitants


This is the first GETEC facility in Poland, but another in Europe, which is part of the concept of offering energy at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest technological and environmental standards. The installation consists of a heating plant building with three boilers, two silos for fuel and one for ash, filters and a chimney as well as a connection to the network. The heating network remains the property of PGKiM and is managed by PGKiM. The total heat demand in Turek is determined at 330,000 GJ per year.

Model example of a contacting project

Wzorcowy przykład realizacji kontraktingowej.

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The IFA Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of longitudinal shafts in the automotive supply industry.
GETEC is responsible for the concept and realisation of the new media supply centre in three expansion stages.
The supply of the Ujazd plant with heat (14,400 GJ / year) and cold (82,800 GJ / year).

Capacity data for phase 1 of the expansion:

  • Cooling tower cooling capacity: 6.80 MWt (including redundancy)
  • Cooling capacity for process equipment: 3.60 MWt (including redundancy)
  • Heat pump: 1.00 MWt

Complex application of heat pumps for waste heat recovery

Biomass boiler for climate neutrality

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  • Mercedes-Benz is one of the most recognised brands in world markets, whose products are recognised as synonymous with quality.
  • GETEC is responsible for the planning and implementation of the process heat supply system.
  • The resulting plant runs on biomass and is carbon neutral.
Carbon-neutral biomass boiler