Paper industry

One of the priorities for our customers in the paper industry is cost reduction. Rising raw material prices and high competitive pressures are putting a strain on many paper producers and leading to increased cost sensitivity. A reliable, constant and decentralized energy supply can be a decisive factor for business success.

GETEC offers tailor-made solutions for the paper industry – above all in terms of greater self-sufficiency and stability through isolated operating concepts. With our solutions, energy costs become stable and predictable and represent an important locational advantage, helping to ensure competitiveness.

As an independent medium-sized company, we have been setting quality standards in the energy market for more than 30 years. With our future-oriented solutions, we ensure the highest availability and best profitability.

Selected industry references

Efficient, economical and long-term price-stable energy supply

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Supply of steam and electricity from cogeneration
Fuels: BKS / fuel oil (redundancy)

  • superheated steam boiler
  • saturated steam boiler
  • back-pressure turbine

Total capacity: 24 MWt / 1 MWe

  • Steam pressure: 22 bar
  • Superheated steam: 350 °C
Cogeneration and fuel differentiation
Electricity from cogeneration
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Construction of a CHP plant in the general contractor model
Supply of process steam
Thermal power: 81 MWt (cogeneration 50 MWt)

  • 3 natural gas boilers with a capacity of 40 t of steam per hour
  • 1 natural gas boiler as redundancy

Electrical power: 2.6 MWe from steam turbine
Steam pressure: saturated steam 22 bar / 7.2 bar

Increased efficiency and reduced costs through cogeneration

Electricity and process steam from cogeneration

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Construction of combined heat and power plants

  • Cogeneration
  • Supply of steam and electricity
    Thermal capacity: 50 MWt

    • 20 MWt BKS* + steam turbine
    • 30 MWt gas cogeneration
    • Electricity output: 11 MWe (1x gas + 2x steam turbines)
    • Steam pressure: 22 bar / 7.5 bar

Boiler house concept:

  • BKS*-fired flue-gas boiler
  • gas/steam block with auxiliary furnace
  • back-up and peak load boiler

* – upgraded GETEC coal fuel

Increased efficiency and reduced costs through cogeneration