Industry Contracting (ESCO*)

Contracting is a form of collaboration in projects. This form of cooperation can often be found in the energy sector, where a company offering contracting services takes part in investments as a third party – it develops investment development concepts for its client and finances the project: it builds or upgrades the energy source, and also operates it.

Contracting – what will it bring to your company?

Certainly, a great advantage of this form of cooperation is the audit of energy processes and streams, which has a positive impact on cost reduction. The aim is to find the optimal technical solution and implement it in the company’s energy infrastructure. GETEC knows that a properly used system will not only bring financial but also non-monetized benefits – a company focused on sustainability is perceived as a conscious producer that cares about the environment.

In addition, as a company that has been operating on the European market for almost 30 years, GETEC has extensive expertise on how to increase energy efficiency and thus reduce costs.

We offer our customers a choice of 3 contracting service models

Full contracting


  • GETEC as Contractor plans, finances and implements the energy development project or takes over an existing installation.
  • The Contractor operates the power plant.
  • The customer buys energy from the Contractor on the basis of long-term contracts.



  • The contractor plans, finances and implements the energy project or takes over an existing energy facility.
  • The customer leases and operates the power plant itself.



  • The contractor plans and builds the energy plant.
  • The customer finances the investment and owns it.
  • The contractor operates the energy installation under a service contract.
  • The customer buys energy from the contractor under multi-year contracts

Knowing the market and being able to select the best suppliers and systems is an extremely important part of any investment. Reduced energy supply costs and thus lower production costs increase profitability, which is crucial for a company’s performance.

What’s more, GETEC projects can be completed in a shorter period of time and have a higher quality compared to in-house execution – to the satisfaction of the customers, they do not manage the power production processes, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Contracting also offers the advantage of ensuring long-term, stable and predictable energy costs by using the most cost-effective fuels.

How does contracting work in practice?

Thanks to this form of cooperation, customers are relieved of investment costs, and in return they receive from GETEC a ready project, which includes investment analysis with implementation schedule, as well as financing and construction.

The energy services contract certainly helps to identify significant savings for the company, allowing it to achieve a competitive advantage in today’s ever-increasing globalisation process. As a result of assessing the infrastructure or energy stream needed, GETEC performs performance measurements and also cost optimization such as energy load management or spike prevention. Contracting also includes additional activities commissioned by the customer: energy conversion systems or individual components as well as their operation, service, repair, maintenance or insurance.

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Technical advantages
of contracting with GETEC

  • Audit of processes and energy streams in order to find an optimal technical solution
  • Priority for safe and long-term technological solutions
  • Market knowledge and ability to select the best suppliers
  • Experience in the operation and maintenance of power plants
  • Ability to remotely control the installation from GETEC’s central control room
  • Operational risk on the side of the Contractor
  • Security of supply supported by many years of experience

Financial advantages
of contracting with GETEC

  • The Customer does not need its own capital to build, modernize or renovate power plants.
  • New equipment does not enter into Customer’s balance sheet
  • No new assets
  • No additional operating costs
  • External accounting of energy costs
  • The customer does not bear the risk of investment and operation of a new power plant
  • Energy costs are stable and more predictable in the long term
  • Use of modern technologies and purchasing power of the Contractor resulting from its market position and economies of scale in fuel purchase guarantee the Customer optimal energy price

* ESCO – Energy Service Company (ESCO or ESCo for short) – according to Directive 2006/32/EC of 5 April 2006 on energy end-use efficiency and energy services, is a company that provides energy services or other energy efficiency improvement measures in a user’s facility or premises.