Contracting for cities

GETEC develops concepts for the environmentally friendly and economical supply of heat and power for towns and municipalities. In addition to a wide range of fuels – from proven natural gas to renewable fuels – we always offer highly efficient technological solutions. For higher efficiency and better environmental protection at economical and foreseeable costs.

GETEC produces, supplies and manages district heating networks, providing district heat to city residents as well as public institutions.

District heat is heat that is produced in modern and environmentally safe combined heat and power plants or heating plants. The prices of district heat are stable and competitive compared to other types of heating.

The benefits to local governments of implementing GETEC contracting solutions includes:


  • cost reduction and process optimization
  • improvement of municipal services
  • reduced consumption of natural resources
  • infrastructure resistance to climate change and emergencies

Selected industry references

First GETEC contracting project in Poland

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  • 30-year heat supply contract
  • Total annual demand estimated at 330,000 GJ
  • Heat supply for 28,000 inhabitants

This is the first installation of GETEC in Poland, but another one in Europe, which is part of the concept of offering energy at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest technological and environmental standards. The installation consists of a heating plant building with three boilers, two silos for fuel and one for ash, filters, a chimney and a connection to the network. The heating network remains the property of PGKiM and is managed by PGKiM. Total heat demand in Turek is determined at 330,000 GJ per year.

Model example of a contacting project

A model example of contracting implementation.

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Františkovy Lázně

Modernization of heat supply for approximately 50 customers.
Takeover of existing plant with coal and natural gas boilers

  • 34 MWt,
  • approx. 126,000 GJ of heat per year
Waste heat recovery with heat pumps

Supply of the city with electricity and district heating

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Town of Wächtersbach: approx. 12,200 inhabitants
District heating supply in private households
and approx. 20 municipal properties (administration buildings, schools, kindergartens)

  • Biomass power plant including energy production by ORC
  • Installed capacity: 11 MWt
  • 1.1 MWe (ORC)
Installation with a total length of 16km.