Food industry

For the interests of their customers, food manufacturers also place the highest demands on all their suppliers. Of course, this also applies to the energy industry – both in terms of energy price and uninterrupted energy supply.

At the same time the food industry is increasingly focusing on avoiding CO2 emissions.

GETEC develops concepts for the supply of electricity, process heat, cooling, compressed air or nitrogen tailored to the specific needs of each of its customers. Wherever possible, we implement renewable energy sources and sustainably optimise the carbon footprint of the company.

We are focused on ensuring an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and uninterrupted energy supply.

Selected industry references

Reduction of mains electricity charges by more than 80%

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Arzyta is the market leader for frozen bakery products in Germany and Europe.
The Lutherstadt Eisleben plant is the largest factory in Germany.
Project Objective:

Reduction of grid charges

GETEC plans, builds, finances and operates a power plant consisting of:

  • 2 x 2.5 MWe CHP
  • System integration for load management (NEA)
  • Relief from the operator’s power grid
  • Planned time of completion: less than 12 months
Saving €2 million/year
Reduce energy costs by increasing plant efficiency
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The Dr. Oetker Group is one of the largest international family companies, not only in the dairy sector. Its products are synonymous with quality and enjoy global recognition.

Construction of a high-efficiency combined heat and power plant with a recovery boiler in a new building
Installed capacity:

  • EC: 1.99 MWe
  • 1.88 MWt (including 810 kW steam)
  • Burner: 10.0 t/h
  • Use of innovative burner with separate air supply for combustion
  • Use of natural gas and fuel oil
  • Securing an optimum energy supply
Combined heat and power supply in a cogeneration model
Increase profitability through implementation of high efficiency technologies
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  • Combined heat and power generation of steam and electricity
  • Multi-fuel technology: BKS / natural gas / fuel oil
  • Internal combustion engine 1.56 MWe
  • Total thermal output: 19.8 MWt
    • 2 x 9.0 MWt BKS + steam turbine system
    • 2 x 9.0 MWt fuel oil (redundancy)
    • 1.78 MWt combustion engine + heat recovery boiler
    • 0.5 MWe steam turbine
Complete supply of steam and electricity

Redukcja emisji 7 000 ton dwutlenku węgla w skali roku

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  • Combined heat and power plant consisting of two combustion engines and a recovery boiler to supply steam, low-temperature heat and electricity
  • Key data:
    • Installed power 2x 2 MWe
    • Saturation steam 12 bar 2x 0.8 MWt
    • Low temperature heat 70/90°C
    • 2 x 1.2 MWth
    • Fuel: natural gas
    • Efficiency: electrical 44.3%; thermal 43.2
Complete supply of steam, hot water and electricity