Dairy industry

Dairy industry, due to energy-intensive production processes, feels changes of energy costs and their influence on shaping of final product price to the highest degree. At the same time, a reliable energy supply is an essential prerequisite for maintaining high quality standards and eliminating production losses.

With our comprehensive experience in the supply of heat, steam and cooling and our individually developed concepts, we provide our customers in the dairy industry with energy tailored to the needs of their production processes.

We focus on clean, environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical solutions. In this way, we reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and help secure the existence of their branches. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to make optimal use of complex legal and market conditions and thus provide further benefits to our customers.

Selected industry references

Europe-wide contract to improve energy efficiency at 30 dairies
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General agreement with FrieslandCampina Nederland B.V (Holding) for energy efficiency improvements for the entire FrieslandCampina Group
Implementation of the “ENCORE Program” of GETEC Efficiency GmbH
Identification, implementation and financing of comprehensive measures to optimise energy consumption:

  • More than 600 factors were identified, the optimization of which resulted in savings of more than
    100,000 t CO2/a.
  • Generation of savings of more than EUR 6 million/a in progress or implemented
  • Generating savings of more than €8 million per year in planned studies
Optimizing and increasing efficiency in the contracting model
Energy cost reduction through increased plant efficiency
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The Dr. Oetker Group is one of the largest international family companies, not only in the dairy sector. Its products are synonymous with quality and enjoy global recognition.

Construction of a high-efficiency combined heat and power plant with a recovery boiler in a new building
Installed capacity:

  • EC: 1.99 MWe
  • 1.88 MWt (including 810 kW steam)
  • Burner: 10.0 t/h
  • Use of innovative burner with separate air supply for combustion
  • Use of natural gas and fuel oil
  • Securing an optimum energy supply
Combined heat and power supply in a cogeneration model

A model example of contracting implementation.

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Stage 1: Steam and hot water supply by means of a steam boiler system

Plant components: 3 gas / fuel oil boilers

  • Installed capacity: 30 MWt
  • Steam parameters: 16 bar, 201 °C

Phase 2: Efficiency increase through cogeneration with a recovery boiler and by means of heat reductions in the production process

Plant components: 3 cogeneration modules connected to one recovery boiler

  • Capacity: 3x 1.79 MWt; 3x 1.71 Mwe
  • Fuel power: 11.24 MW
  • Waste-heat boiler: max. 4 t of steam per hour
  • Water parameters: 6 bar, 85 °C
  • Steam parameters: 16 bar 201 °C
Kompleksowe zaopatrzenie w parę, gorącą wodę i energię elektryczną w modelu kogeneracyjnym