Biomass use for energy production

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, biomass will soon be the source of 60% of the world’s energy. This makes biomass already the third largest renewable energy source. European Union countries have become leaders in the production of energy from biomass and in recent years biomass has been the fuel for more than 50% of ecologically produced energy.

Wooden biomass has many advantages: it is typically widely available throughout the year, it is increasingly convertible to all major forms of energy (liquid, gas, heat and electricity), it is carbon neutral or even a carbon sink, and it has the potential to restore unproductive degraded land and increase agricultural productivity.

As a result, biomass can become a leading source of renewable energy and a source of income for less developed areas.

The thermal energy extracted from biomass combustion can be used to heat facilities, for process needs or for conversion into electricity.

GETEC plants operate with all available forms of biomass, i.e. biomass in its solid, liquid and biogas forms.

GETEC has extensive experience in designing, building and operating biomass plants. Our plants operate in many European countries as well as in Poland.

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Biomass is the third largest renewable energy source
50% of ecologically produced energy comes from biomass
Biomass is the cheapest renewable energy source
In the opinion of experts, Poland has an exceptional potential to use it

Selected references of biomass plants

Biomass combustion boiler for climate neutrality

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  • Mercedes-Benz is one of the most recognized brands on the world’s markets, whose products are regarded as synonymous with quality.
  • GETEC is responsible for the planning and implementation of the process heat supply system.
  • The resulting plant runs on biomass and is carbon neutral.
Biomass boiler for carbon neutrality

Supplying the city with electricity and district heating

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City of Wächtersbach: approx. 12,200 inhabitants
District heating supply in private households and approx. 20 municipal properties (administration buildings, schools, kindergartens)

  • Biomass power plant including energy production by ORC
  • Installed capacity: 11 MWt
  • 1.1 MWe (ORC)
Installation with a total length of 16km.

Fully automated heating plant

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Combustion of wood chips and wood dust in a combined furnace and combustor system (fuel: wood waste A1 – A4)

  • Generation of electricity according to the EEG, feeding into the general power grid
  • Fully automated operation
  • Technical data:
    • Working overpressure: max. 56 bar
    • Calorific power: 34.5 MW
    • Superheated steam capacity: 40 t/h
    • Installed power: 9.6 MWel


Fully climate-neutral electricity generation