Chemical industry

As a competent and experienced partner in the energy market, we ensure long-term supply reliability, maximum resource and energy efficiency, and guaranteed reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our solutions are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In addition to cost-effective energy supply solutions, we offer our customers in the chemical industry concepts for the thermal utilization of low-calorific, environmentally harmful and specialty gases. We are the market leader with our own innovations. As part of our service contract models for energy supply, we offer not only off-balance-sheet financing but also the best service for the management and maintenance of our customers’ plants.

Selected industry references

Energy for the industrial park

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  • Global operating group with focus on automotive, construction and industrial
  • Self-supply (island model) while ensuring the highest energy quality through a dynamic power supply system (UPS)
  • GETEC is responsible for the conception and implementation of the entire plant as well as the operational management for 10 years

Performance data

Gas engine cogeneration module:

  • 6 x 1.5 MWe (including redundancy)
  • Dynamic UPS system: 1.7 MVA
  • Kinetic energy storage: 2 x 16.5 MJ
  • Inverter: 2 x 500 kVA
High efficiency CHP modules

Reduction of 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions

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  • Supply of hot water, steam, electricity
  • Combining efficiency potentials
  • Planning, construction, financing and operation of highly efficient combined heat and power plants under contract
  • Sustainable energy supply for Radici Chimica Germany
    • Combined heat and power plant with back-pressure steam turbine
    • Thermal utilisation of nitrous oxide
  •  High-performance power, steam and heat supply for Infra-Zeitz, Puralube
    • Cogeneration, 2 steam boilers, feedwater treatment
    • Installed capacity CHP: 2.0 MWel, 2.2 MWth
Integrated energy supply model for several companies and reduction of emissions of 100,000 t CO2/year

Comprehensive restructuring of the supply of the required types of energy

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  • Internationally operating, mid-sized life sciences company, manufacturer of collagen-based medical and cosmetic products
  • Maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain of raw materials and products through extensive infrastructure services
  • Cold, steam, compressed air, soft water, natural gas; emergency power supply
  • Construction of a complex utility supply system consisting of steam boiler, absorption refrigeration system, and peripherals; emergency power generator (diesel)
  • Assumption of operational management for existing plants:
  • Treatment Plant
  • Ammonia production cycle
Advanced and efficient cooling system