Automotive industry

The automotive industry, like very few others, relies on a large number of sub-suppliers and extremely strong market pressures – both in terms of the cost of producing the end product and the ever-increasing environmental pressures. Technological advances, autonomous driving, mobility and connectivity are changing the face of the industry.

Our sector-specific expertise helps our partners focus on their core business requirements and ensure an uninterrupted energy supply. Thanks to our experience, we adapt to our customer’s needs, including reducing energy costs – for greater security and competitiveness.

GETEC specialises not only in the development of new energy generation systems, but also in the optimisation of existing ones. Increasing the potential for energy efficiency is one of the pillars of successful operation. In most cases, untapped potentials can be revealed. Even small projects can have a measurable effect. In this way, we help to reduce costs and contribute to the sustainability goals by reducing the carbon footprint.

Selected industry testimonials

A model example of contracting implementation.

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The IFA Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of longitudinal shafts in the automotive supply industry.
GETEC is responsible for the concept and realisation of the new media supply center in three expansion stages.
The supply of the Ujazd plant with heat (14,400 GJ / year) and cold (82,800 GJ / year).


Capacity data for the 1st expansion stage:

  • Cooling tower cooling capacity: 6.80 MWt (including redundancy)
  • Cooling capacity for process equipment: 3.60 MWt (including redundancy)
  • Heat pump: 1.00 MWt
Waste heat recovery using a heat pump
Cooling concept with maximum free cooling and high-efficiency chillers

Biomass boiler for climate neutrality

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  • Mercedes-Benz is one of the most recognized brands on the world’s markets, whose products are regarded as synonymous with quality.
  • GETEC is responsible for the planning and implementation of the process heat supply system.
  • The resulting plant runs on biomass and is carbon neutral.
Biomass boiler for carbon neutrality