District Heating

For many years we have been implementing solutions that ensure a stable supply and moderate prices of heat for cities, towns and districts throughout Europe. We develop concepts for environmentally friendly and cost-effective heat and power supply solutions for municipal systems. In addition to a diverse fuel mix – from proven natural gas to renewable fuels – we always rely on highly efficient technological solutions. For greater efficiency and better environmental protection at lower and more predictable costs, in the long term.

An excellent example of our efficiency can be seen in our first Polish GETEC project. The newly built energy production plant supplies heat (domestic water and heating) to municipal properties in Turek, a city of 28,000 inhabitants with an annual heat demand of approx. 90,000 MWh.

The challenge was to secure a new energy supply while keeping energy costs for the municipality low and stable over the long term.

Key benefits of a district heating system

  • Consistency and convenience of supply
  • Low price due to highly efficient production
  • Ecology and full control of waste from heat production in the heating plant

We welcome contact with all cities and municipalities that are looking for a long-term reduction of costs, safety and security of energy supply – depending on the needs: heating, hot water and electricity.