Strengthening strategic cooperation


GETEC Group and AB Energy are expanding their strategic partnership to cooperate and support common European customers. The cooperation concerns decentralised and holistic energy solutions as well as the implementation of joint services.
AB Energy and GETEC are joining forces to create synergies and exploit additional potential to optimise energy supply with new customers interested in sustainability, efficiency enhancement and digitisation. In this partnership, GETEC’s role is to plan the overall concept, financing, construction and operation of the energy and utility supply at the customer’s premises using an outsourcing approach.
Economic efficiency, security of supply and sustainability are the guiding principles of the energy concept. AB Energy is responsible for the production of key system components such as modular turnkey CHP plants, combining them with, for example, electricity and heat storage systems. High-efficiency plants can also be powered by “green gases” such as biomethane or hydrogen, enabling further reductions in CO2 emissions.
This year, GETEC and AB Energy convinced two prominent customers, representing two reference sectors for the energy industry: the pharmaceutical and food industries, to the partnership concept. The first customer is a leading provider of drug development and supply services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors. Thanks to a CHP combination with an absorption chiller and a compressor chiller plant, more than 1,000 kW of heat, 1,800 kW of cooling and 999 kW of electricity will be generated in a highly efficient way for future production.
Another customer comes from the food industry and decided to use GETEC for the future supply of electricity and heat. Here, too, a CHP unit with an electrical output of 999 kW from AB Energy was used. In addition, 574 kW of thermal power can be used to produce hot water, and with an additional waste heat boiler, a thermal output of 387 kW can be achieved to relieve the load on the steam boilers.
GETEC is finishing a good year and looks very optimistically at the coming years with new potential. The need to save and optimise energy costs and the willingness to upgrade existing plants in the name of environmental respect are becoming the driving force behind many upcoming projects.

Source: GETEC

Source: AB Energy

Sustainable and innovative energy solution


GETEC has reached a decisive milestone in the construction of an innovative biomass cogeneration plant for Clariant – a leading Romanian specialty chemicals company in Podari, Romania.

Following the installation and commissioning of a comprehensive water treatment system and redundant CHP boilers, GETEC is now able to generate and supply all the utilities required to start production at Clariant’s bioethanol plant.

The carbon-neutral biomass plant, designed by GETEC, will supply the Clariant cellulosic bioethanol plant in Podari with a revolutionary technology in which lignin – a waste product of the bioethanol production process – is converted into carbon-neutral energy.

Successful expansion in Italy


The GETEC Group, in line with its international growth strategy, has expanded its operations into Italy. From 1 June 2021, the Italian company Antas S.p.A., a leading energy services company, will be integrated into the GETEC Group. The shares of Antas S.p.A. and all related companies, such as Energywave, will be transferred to G+E GETEC Holding GmbH for this purpose. The majority shareholders of Antas S.p.A. are EQT Infrastructure and GETEC Energie Holding GmbH, which are also shareholders of G+E GETEC Holding.

Antas S.p.A. is a leading provider of integrated energy solutions in Italy. The company plans, builds, owns and operates energy plants in the public and private real estate and industrial sectors. Antas’ business spectrum covers the full range of efficient and sustainable energy contracting solutions, reducing both costs and CO2 emissions of its customers by investing mainly in highly digitalised plants. The company serves more than 4,000 energy plants in northern and central Italy and generates a turnover of around €200 million with around 600 employees.

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